Tuesday, March 17, 2009

marriage is a gift.
and people get married for many reasons
- money, visa, security, fear of being alone, arrangement, and so on,
and love is just one of them.
but the thing is,
just as there are couple who get married
when they were still in love,
and eventually losing love
somewhere along the way.
same way, people can get married
without any love for one another,
but any of the reasons ive mentioned, and yet,
finding love along the way.

marriage is a gift.
but truer is, it is a commitment.
the real gift is love.
GOD puts the love in the hearts of people,
so they get married.
He can also put love in people
who are already married.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

about a decade ago...

Mismanaged growth

Aside from youngblood, a column dedicated to twenty something to freely express our ideas, view and opinion, there is one thing that practically unites most of us, a common ground that we’ll definitely find a common field of experience- the aftermath of credit cards- of most of my twenty something friends, including me, not without less than twenty something balance account to pay to major credit card financing bank.

The boom of credit cards proliferating the city started at a time when most of the playmates were on their way to the top, climbing the ladder of success, the country is on the take off stage of the so-called tiger economy. My friend and I, all in our early years of twenty, were enjoying the juicy fruit of our labor – we communicate via cell phone, the pager, we would prefer to sign whenever we had to spend, hopping from one bar to another nightly, and explore the countryside every weekend, long weekends, holidays, and utilize our vacation and sick leave, to be able to travel to as far as Palawan, Sagada, Davao, Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, and Xiamen in China.

Being young and single, and financially capable at that, there was simply no stopping me. I bought anything even the thing I didn’t necessarily need at that time, because the opportunity was right there before me. It was so impossible to resist charging every whimsical item I took notice of, when even the smallest and absurd shop in far away town would religion, my card has ceased to be hindered by any form of discrimination, has successfully jumped across any border, and talked to any kind of language.

Like most of my contemporaries, then in the council, a senator’s writer, a young diplomat, specialist in IT industry, in the multimedia, in the congress, in boob tube, and almost anywhere, we were reigning behind every powerful men and women, and institution. Very few were still known and popular, but we definitely comprise the backbone of every think tank in every sector. We’re young, and in our ideas are definitely heard and respected. we almost thought we’re invisible and indestructible.

But again we’re not. We’re big in believing ourselves, but the society that we move into is even more powerful than us. The economy crashed. And so most of us did. In politics, we became victims for trying to insist that performance and sincere dedication to our work were enough. We trusted only on our own ideals and vision and tried to forget the kind of culture that exist in the environment of palakasan. In the long (or was it still short?)run, likewise, the repetitive and redundant course of activities required by the office would swiftly bring us to boredom, thus, rather than bringing us to stagnation, some chose to readically change gear and became, what else, professional bummers.

While all these turmoil went on, pf being stripped of one’s work, heartaches at the other sides, and depression lurking on like a death threat, me and my friend had our different ways of reacting. Some just got depressed more, other swallowed the system and triumphantly won back their seats. Only one thing has remained, our credit cards. Still tucked and kept I our wallets, while other have long destroyed and trashed the plastic. But what really made us closer was the fact that we still see each other. Sometimes in the bank or in the credit cards centers, paying our monthly dues, in which, the amount never seems to get less, still twenty something.


i am so thankful i am over the credit card obssession. now, me and my husband only maintain one credit card, with very low limit, and we try to pay the balance in full before the due date. :>

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

pray for victims, pray for killers as well

obviously, none of us cant just remained unaffected by the senseless and merciless killing of the RCBC tragedy. definitely, this incident, went beyond the usual police crime story.

my heart bleeds for the families and loved ones of the victims, and the only consolation we could only think of, was that, death must have become their ally for escaping briefly the hell they had to go through before the summary killings. my prayers go with them to find peace even there is so much injustices that, not just their kins have to face, but all of us still living, and wondering whether will it be our turn next.

thing is, if the killers could continually escape the police and government authorities , there is one greater one they can never run from to. maybe, we would hear prayers asking for vengence, but i suggest more that we pray that may God touch the hearts and minds of these killers/robbers, that they may experience guilt that will never leave them at peace. once God's hands are on them, they will never be able to escape that. He is everywhere, and there is nowhere they can hide from Him. let their own conscience, long numb and cold, be revived by God so that on their own, they face the consequences of their actions. ideal, but i believe in the power and might of God, in desperate times like these.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Separate issue of alleged corruption from viability of NBN project

Much as I want to stay and remain quiet and detached from the on-going investigations on the national broadband network (NBN) botched project, I feel oblige to express my opinion and views which unfortunately not in tune with the seemingly popular sentiment of the public.

I had the opportunity to study about global information and telecommunication studies in Japan under a government scholarship, and for more than two years I was exposed to seminars, conferences and doing research and surveys on the status, background, and undertakings of countries around the world on the utilization of information and communications technology (ICT) for the and by the public sector. In the Philippines, we understand this better as e-government or the use of computers, programs and systems, and network to our government agencies in the hope of improving public service. The face of technology is changing rapidly, as fast as the new model of cellphones that keep on flooding the market, our e-government efforts in the country is hardly comparable to our neighboring countries in south east asia now , I am afraid we will soon find Vietnam leaving us behind at the tail end of the race.

But at the same time, I believe that corruption still tops our problem, and not even the most comprehensive or grand project such as the NBN can ever bring us to our dream of becoming a First World country. It is embedded in our culture and each one of us is guilty of this sin, both knowingly and unknowingly. I just wish that the public clamor against corruption especially in the government will not end after someone is booted from his or her position, because the issue and the problem is not just against one person or personalities. It is in the system and our culture, and I could only hope that time will come that as a race and nation, Filipinos will have a natural and instinctive disgust against any form of corruption or act of corruption by anyone, even our loved ones and families, including ourselves.

On the ongoing investigations on the alleged corruption, bribery and overpricing of the NBN contract, I just wish that the viability of the project be separated and given attention as to its merits. We don’t have the time to be idle and not aggressively undertake these, or else, we will not be able to maximize the advantages and benefits of having a networked government – from national down to the lowest unit of administration, the barangays - on broadband where communication and fast exchange of information such as data, voice and videos are possible from the both ends of our archipelagic country. Just like how telephones changed the way of communication and transaction in the older days, broadband will make possible the delivery of government services and transactions from central, manila or provinces to become accessible and available to every barangay units, and eventually, our own homes and personal computers.

This may sound odd, unfamiliar and unknown of to many older people, but I dare challenge our youth who must have better understanding of these technicalities and to explain them to the more mature generation. This is your future. Take the lead and don’t let our country be left behind. If we can always catch up with the latest video games and gadgets, shouldn’t we be updated and at par when it comes to availing fast, efficient and effective online government services?

The public has been intently following the development of NBN-ZTE investigation, in all of its many facets – technical, bidding, abduction and so on. Maybe by now, it is possible that we can come up with partial assessment, analysis or recommendation of the project per se, and then, move on. The issue of corruption will not end, even if the NBN-ZTE will find its way down the grave, but with it, our chances of improving our country with the benefits and advantages of having a networked government using broadband, will lay to rest as well.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

scandals and controversies over allegation of bribery and overpricing overshadow the good intent of a national broadband network (NBN) project

It is so disheartening that scandals and controversies over allegation of bribery and overpricing have overshadowed the good intent of the national broadband network (NBN) project. I believe that a government should have its own broadband network, not to compete with the private sector, but to serve as prime user and leader in using the information and communications technology (ICT) in the daily operation of public administration. No country in this modern time of ours has ever achieved an accelerated progress without e-government, that is, the use of ICT like the computers, internet, wi-fi, wimax, network and so on in an integrated and collaborative manner. Our country was one of the very first in Asia to pass a legal framework, the E-commerce Act, for the promotion of ICT not just in the private but the government as well. But now, we find ourselves in the tailend. ICT is the primary tool that modern countries use to reengineer their government. We complain why rebels have more powerful weapons, and our soldiers are left with oudated armaments. We do the same to our government, if we dont believe and trust that it should have the best tools in its disposal to run its operation to serve the public better.

We complain why our government agencies are not as fast and efficient compared to other countries, like south korea or taiwan, where quality of public is at par with the private sector. we are surprised at the rising economies of THailand, Malaysia, and i am afraid Vietnam will sook take over us. Simply because they are very aggressive in making sure that their governments have the same technologies the private sector has. The use of ICT in public sector is a huge and risky investment, but has been proven to affect national progress and development. I only pray that once the dust settles, and the culprits in the alleged bribery and overpricing, our public officials, including our senators, will find time to buckle down and work on how this broadband network can really help us achieve the same status as the other countries that have benefitted from them.

We need this NBN, the ICT in general for the public sector, if we wish to see our country to progress and become a first world economy in our lifetime. It doesnt matter from whose idea or from what administration this will finally take off - Cory, FVR, Erap, GMA or possible future head of our country, the likes of VIllar and Roxas - the thing is, we need to implement a project as broad and ambitious as the NBN for our government, for the sake of our country and the future generations.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

on NBN controversy...

in light of the nation's acclaimed interest on the highly controversial broadband project, the only consolation i can appreciate now is the fact that it has heighten the interest of people on ICT (information and communications technolgy) and its growing importance in the administration of the public sector. assumingly, that these have been grasped by the public.

The use of ICT in the government or governance in larger concept, has been very vital to the quick development of other countries, which include Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and yes, China. we wonder, why the economies of these countries suddenly surged and bypassed us, is the fact that ICT has been identified, prioritized and utilitized in the public sector, as early as the beginning of the 1990's.

i really believe that NBN should carry on, but i also have doubts on letting a Chinese company handle it, because our country will be definitely beholden for the maintenance of this project. unfortunately, i dont see the private sector really coming in for this purpose, because the primary goal of NBN is service and not profit.

i really believe we should be now on a higher level of using ICT (not just computers, internet and so on) in the public sector for national development. thus, it is high time we develop our own human resource who can handle ICT for public sector. these require highly specific skills and knowledge, on techonology, public administration, and legalities. thus, i am not surprised if even Abalos himself admitted he didnt even know what broadband is. and more government ICT projects continue to fail.

hopefully, HR development for ICT management in the public sector will be one of the resolutions that the Senate conducting the project will take into consideration.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

on erap judgment...

acquitted on perjury, guilty on plunder case (40 years imprisonemnt.

...mahabang kwento pa rin ito dahil pwede pa rin sila mag-appeal hanggat hindi nakakarating sa supreme court (ang alam ko na may last say on any case). niweys, if we just look beyond the person of erap, and focus on the office the he held, as president of the philippines, wala naman duda talaga na guilty. mabait sya kung mabait, but he probably forgot, or didnt take seriously his post. kahit nga ordinaryong government employee na mahuling nagsusugal sa kalye during office hours, tiyak tanggal sa trabaho. yun pa kayang sa casino. well, those were just the little side stories. as president, so much was expected of him, and he failed it. but i also believe that he is also a nice person, nice friend, but that's beyond the issue.

but his unceremonious oust from his office was the final blow, not only for him, but for every filipino, the entire country, future generation, gma and future prez of the country. i remember king david, side story lang po, sa bible kasi pilit syang pinapapatay ng predecessor nya na si king saul. but king david never hurt or killed saul, because he knew that saul, kahit na anong failure nya as a king, was God's annointed one. the same with erap, i believe he was God's annointed prez. sana na lang, natapos ng maayos ang impeachment process, para mas legal ang pagpapaalis sa pwesto nya, because of the plunder and blunders that he committed.

but past is past, we just have to pray that our country be forgiven. we all have sinned, one way or another. but, i pray our country, in our time, will eventually hurdle all these things.